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Become an Amateur Umpire

Inaugural MAC-NJSAB-UCU Online Baseball Umpire Mechanics Course


Class Schedule
  • Monday, February 11
  • Sunday, February 17
  • Sunday, February 24

Who should sign-up?

This course is perfect for those who have never umpired before or just starting. This course gets you ready to take the field and become a key player in the game of baseball.

This Course Includes 3 Classes

This Online Course includes three (3) classes. Your registration fee covers the cost of all three. (see schedule for class dates).

Where is this class?

This is an online video class. You can attend in the convenience of your home or office – on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. All classes start at 8:00 pm. (EST)

What is the cost?

Tuition is $100 per session (three classes). Only credit card payments accepted (A $5.00 fee is automatically added to cover the administration costs). All registrations are subject to approval and based on geography and experience.

Tuition Reimbursement

There is a tuition reimbursement program for this event, you’ll learn more about how you might qualify for this program in the first class.

Special Note: This course does not take the place of a multi-week course presented by any high school organization or association.